Brushmarks for Flowers (how to paint flowers with watercolour)

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Easy learning with this very compact and colourful book created and published for absolute beginners with plenty of beautiful flower illustrations by highly experienced artist and tutor Bee.

A neat book for you or for a gift for a friend.

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Brushmarks for Flowers is is my first self published book.  One very unique feature of this book is how a simple brushmarks can mimic a flower. Very beautiful illustrations compliment the clear step-by-step instructions.  In addition there is  a free Daniel Smith sample 21 dot paint card.  40 well-filled pages and A4 size, perfect bound and signed by the artist.. Brushmarks for Flowers is a very simple but stylish book, free paint and free postage – what could be better.For more inspirational images go to my Gallery.

This won BOOK OF THE YEAR 2008 by Henry Malt’s The following year it was THIRD PLACE in the ‘Practical Instruction Book of the Year’ by… my book was the ONLY INDEPENDENT BOOK...all the others were book companies.

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