Bee's love of art has taken here all over the world teaching on cruise ships, on residential art holidays and on four different television programmes.

The cruise ship work began in 2004 with some month long Caribbean trips.  Then longer cruises on P and O ships took Bee further away as far as Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia and many other exotic locations. Bee has amassed a huge number of sketchbooks recording most of the many places visited.  Some of these images have now been grouped together and are for sale as Bee's Travelogue which is a collection of outlines ready to colour. 

To celebrate the Queen's Jubilee celebrations in 2002 Bee painted a watercolour portrait of Her Majesty.

Eventually this was taken to the Post Office to be delivered. As the parcel was handed over at the Post Office with the address...

Her Majesty the Queen, Buckingham Palace, London...the assistant asked, "Do you know the postcode?"

It must have got there as Bee received a short letter from Lady Mary Morrison on behalf of the Queen two weeks later thanking  her for the picture.  

Bee's first television appearance was in 2000 on a programme called 'Better Gardens'hosted by Carol Vorderman. Only 6 programmes were ever made. Bee's friend Bev lived in one of the houses chosen to have a garden makeover. She and her husband wanted a garden to represent Provence in the south of France. So she asked Bee to paint three panels of lavender fields that were positioned in the garden behind some arches making the illusion of a grand vista.  It was the first time that Bee had ever painted 6' high pictures on marine plywood up a ladder with acrylic paint.  

You might remember a programme called 'Watercolour Challenge' which was broadcast over four years.

 Bee was lucky enough to have been chosen to be one of only nine people to be sent to the south of France. This was the first week of series four filmed in 2001.  The very lovely Hannah Gordon was the host for all these programmes.

Bee together with two other contestants were filmed in a glorious lavender field which had various old farm equipment scattered around.  If you look closely you will see an old bike under the cherry tree.

People often ask Bee, "...did you win?"...although she did not win that day's contest, she did get on the programme, went to France, met Hannah, received a very special paint box as a runner up and had her painting exhibited in the Mall Galleries in London.

The third television featuring Bee was in 2007 and was called 'Car Booty' where experts gave advice to people wanting to clear their attic of unwanted things which they later sold at a car boot.Then they needed a project to spend on the money made from the event. So quite out of the blue on Tuesday morning Bee had a telephone call from the BBC.  The couple that they were filming wanted to have an art lesson with their proceeds.  So very early the next morning Bee was on her way to London.  Fortunately it had just stopped raining as the filming was due to start in the afternoon.  Three hours filming shrunk down to about 2 minutes but it was yet another great experience.

It was some years later before Bee managed to get on the tv again.  Another of Bee's passions is designing and making unusual jewellery. It was quite by accident one day when Bee was surfing tv channels and discovered a programme called Gems TV.  Just at that time they introduced a sister programme called JEWELLERY MAKER and by coincidence they had just advertised for new designers to get in touch. Some weeks later Bee had her first appearance and in total over a one year period Bee appeared on 16 shows from November 2013 to November 2014.  

Prior to the show they would send out beading packs which had to be made up into finished pieces of jewellery and these would be used to sell the packs.During the show more jewellery would be made live on air.

HOCHANDA... Home of Craft, Hobbies AND Art...Bee's latest TV adventures are on this new tv channel Sky 663 (Freeview 39 and Freesat 87).  Her first show was on Saturday 21st May.  This time selling her own art products, Brushmarks for Trees, Paint - a - Flower painting packs and Ready to Paint Outlines, all of which are featured on this website. Bee's second show was on Friday 19th August with the same three products but this time with a brand new product called the Travelogue.

MASTERCLASS at Hochanda...in between these two dates Bee had the opportunity to take part in her first Masterclass. This was filmed and broadcast live on Monday 1st August to anyone who had subscribed to Masterclass HD.  As well as being fitted with a microphone this time Bee had to wear an earpiece which links the wearer to the director/producer.  The main subject of the masterclass was graphite pencils with plenty of information about them and specifically how to sculpt trees with them. Even if you don't pay for the Masterclass this information is in the 'Brushmarks for Trees' book.    

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